A Leap of Faith

I have come to the decision to “lay to rest” my desire to be called “Rabbi Melinda”. By taking this “Leap of Faith”, I am sure Creator will open doors to parnassah and joyous living. It has been liberating as I become the witness to freedom within. Our entire planet is in the midst of a “correction”, a tikkun and I appreciate your feedback from my prior emails as well as your faith in my services. I will continue to be available for skype sessions as I move forward. I must say, I am grateful to my grandmother, who came from Israel to America to make a better life for her family and my family for their patience during the time I leaped. I trust her neshama is glowing with pride for all of us. This week ONLY I will be selling off my yoga props, books, healing books, inspirational/serene/zen wall decor. The dates to view are 11/2, 11/4 & 11/6 Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from 4PM to 7PM (except Friday until 6PM). Call or email and I will send you directions.


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