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Another Jewish Wedding

It’s a real treat when I lead a another jewish wedding!   Most people find and use my wedding ceremonies because I perform for Gods love in all, however jewish weddings are my favorite, of course!  Are you next? Learn about your #jewish #wedding , click here. In Sacred Friendship, Melinda Rabbi Melinda Bernstein (954)901-1355 Zoom:

“I am safe in the universe and all life, love supports me”. Louise Hay

Dearest Friends: Today I was working with a woman who approached me after reading my story of overcoming psychological suffering and physical pain. What she resonated with is that I know to be true for myself and for many, that a full on “spiritual depletion” of the soul could be the beginning of the end of […]

Elul – Ani Dodi V Dodi Li

Dearest Friends: I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  After a full day of Eclipse energies, I hope your emotions are exploring the waves of the moon, sun and stars with sweetness and grace. The new month of Elul begins at sundown tonight.    Elul,as an acronym (aleph lamed vav […]

Are you ready to experience more joy in feminine healing?

I am beyond excited to share with you a conversation I had last night with Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, also known as The Sky Priestess.  Learn how astrology plays a role in healing the feminine.  Learn that spiritual experiences can be achieved through joy rather than sorrow. Are you ready to experience more joy in feminine healing? Join in the […]

Happy Tu B’Av

Tu B’Av is the holiday of love and the marriage between the moon and the sun in the hebrew calendar It is celebrated by the Israelites all over the world as the holiday of soul mates.  My new drum has evolved quite nicely as a soul mate in joyous celebration and here she is.  Her name is […]

Shekhina Heartbeats

    Dearest Friends: I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.   Beginning April 4th, I began a journey of knowing or rather feeling that there had to be 10 women who would want to know kabbalah wisdom and surely enough in my  7 Weeks of Sacred Attunement Through Mystical […]

Female Rabbi’s Conference November 2012

A highlight of my time in Northern California was attending the historic retreat honoring 40 years as female Rabbi’s.  Here are a few images. Rabbi Leah Novick – THE matriarch and pioneer of Jewish Renewal, author of “On the Wings of Shekhinah”: Rediscovering Judaism’s Divine Feminine Rabbi Diane Elliot – embodied Judaism teacher

My Ocean Mikvah Healing – Are You Next?

When I first learned about going to the Mikvah, I was in the process of getting married to my (former) spouse.   I learned that the Mikvah was a ritualistic experience of being a gateway to purity, a way to repent and return one to a sacred and holy place to that which is pleasing to […]

7 Reasons Why Premarital Counseling Is Worth Your Time

One of the best things couples can do is to help save you both a lot of stress and possible future divorce is to invest in premarital counseling. According to Psychology Today, research suggests that couples who choose pre-marital counseling have lower divorce rates than those that do not. These seven reasons are more than […]