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Thank you to the delightful brides and grooms I worked with this year to allow me to be chosen by Wedding Wire “Couples Choice Awards” in 2017! The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” for 2018!   Check out Wedding Wire                                    […]
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Feast For The Soul 2018

Illuminate Your Soul with Loving Grace 40 day meditation practices delivered to your inbox begins January 15th, 2018. CLICK TO JOIN US These meditations are designed with everyday spirituality and the sacred space of kabbalah in mind. Experience a “sacred fountain of blessings” that unfold through breath, sound, movement, ritual, ceremony, and prayer. You’ll find […]
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Wedding Photos

Below you will find “galleries” with images of some weddings I’ve officiated                     This couple had their wedding on the equinox, a special day in the calendar! Click here to see more photos on my Instagram! In Sacred Friendship, Melinda Rabbi Melinda Bernstein (954)901-1355 Zoom:
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7 Reasons Why Premarital Counseling Is Worth Your Time

One of the best things couples can do is to help save you both a lot of stress and possible future divorce is to invest in premarital counseling. According to Psychology Today, research suggests that couples who choose pre-marital counseling have lower divorce rates than those that do not. These seven reasons are more than […]
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Questions To Ask When Looking For A Wedding Officiant

  Choosing an officiant is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process, especially if you’re not affiliation with a religious organization. Here’s a list of questions and suggestions to make it easier for you. ·      Do you have any restrictions on the type of ceremony or requirements to officiate my wedding? (Some ministers […]
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Feminine Reminders of Passover

Dear Friends: I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  Passover is almost here and it is a time rich in a spiritual unfolding from suffering to freedom.  On Seder night, our homes are cleansed with the spirit of the seder and our souls are filled reminders of perseverance and sacred […]
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Thank you to all the couples who provided me a review on Wedding Wire.  I received the 2017 Customer Choice Award because of your kindnesses!   Check it out! Or scan the QR Code to your phone and quickly access more info. If you haven’t provided your review yet, today is as good a day as any! […]
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You’re Invited To A Holiday Remembrance Service

My friends…   Join us in Remembrance this Friday night at Levitt Weinstein in Tamarac for a very special holiday service ~ food, music and divine inspirational sharing and caring with myself and others… FREE TO ALL Thank you Levitt Weinstein and God bless all… Rabbi Melinda Bernstein RSVP to or call 954-721-2500
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A Tribute To My Dad, Bert Bernstein

I hope this message finds you in good health, happiness and holiday cheer.  Let this be a warning to you:  this message is in-depth and about the depth of the death process.  I feel it important enough to share with you my story on these past four months with the hopes and prayers that some […]
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Happy 2015

Sending abundance of rewarding, honoring, respectful, reverent, incredible love, peace within, abundance, sustenance and incredible wealth in your manifestations for 2015 and beyond! To all women in their 40’s and 50’s seeking loving partnerships, grab your free session and find out how I can help you manifest  yours!  (click here). Need to learn more? Click here to watch […]
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Happy Tu B'Av

Tu B’Av is the day of love in the hebraic calendar! As you and your lover(s) unite in sexual prayer ~ breathe deep, transmute lust into light and bring the sensual sexy passion fueled abundance of two souls fuse with the sacred force of the beloved!   In Loving Faith & Friendship, Melinda Bernstein Creator of […]
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