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Financial Services

As a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Finance, and as one who has lectured and taught on the subject of dealing with personal finances, I am prepared to help others seeking advice and guidance in the areas of personal finance and controlling ones personal monetary matters. If you would like […]
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Holistic Divorce Coaching

Can divorce be spiritual?  Is there such a thing as divorce recovery? Can there truly be healing after a great rift such as divorce? We all know that divorce is challenging and can be extremely painful.  It can take a long time to recover from the damage of divorce. A full array of emotions including […]
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Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality is the ability to channel loving energy between your body, mind and spirit with your partner’s body, mind and spirit.  It is about exploring not only the physical sensations of sex, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in an unconditional loving and pure environment.  With sacred sexuality the partners create rituals […]
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Rebirthing ~ Mikvah Services

Rebirthing ~ Mikvah The word “Mikvah”, as used in the Hebrew Bible, literally means a “collection” – generally, a collection of water. This “process” can be done in a synagogues “Mikveh,” in the ocean, in a pool or even in a Jacuzzi. The Mikvah ceremony, most traditionally dunking in the ocean, has been around for […]
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Cord Cutting ~Get Services

Cord Cutting ~Get Cord cutting is a ceremony where we energetically cut toxic energy that has been shared with another being.  It is a very powerful process that allows you to remove the ties that bind. Among healers the sharing of energy is referred to as cording. This cord represents life support tubing energetically connecting […]
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Meditation ~ Neshama Services

Meditation  ~ Neshama Meditation allows individuals to quiet the mind. The mind is a machine which wants to control you and if you do not meditate,  you limit knowing your spirit, your soul, peace or joy.   Your heart cannot rest because your thoughts have taken over.  Your mind triggers the brain and the signals travel […]
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Energy Healing ~ Tikkun Olam Services

Energy Healing  ~  Tikkun Olam Energy healing is the most natural form of healing and has been practiced for many centuries.  Energy healing works with the life force of the body and creates flow and vitality.  Rabbi Melinda has studied with numerous healers in many traditions, including yoga, for over 30 years.   Rabbi Melinda provides […]
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Healing Ourselves – Healing the World

Healing Ourselves – Healing the World A Holistic Approach to Tikkun Olam In the process of evolution, the Jewish word “tikkun” has come to represent repair. It is now understood that “tikkun” means a return to, or the evolution, toward wholeness. Rabbi Melinda has been doing energy healing for over 20 years on herself and others.  […]
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Free Meditation

B”H This Free Meditation will help develop your kavannah, your “aim and focus”.  It will give you a taste of Rabbi Melinda’s work, her teachings and help you remove the stories upon your heart. B’Ahava, Rabbi Melinda ♥☮ שָׁלוֹם ॐ [mp3_embed blog_plyrs=”2″]
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