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Shechinah Sisterhood Gatherings

The Shechinah Sisterhood Gathering at my PRIVATE TEMPLE in central Delray Beach. Would you like to learn divine teachings with a select gathering of woman?  Do you wish to explore the Shechinah, the goddess within?   Learn how to access your own empowerment through kabbalistic mystical teachings with Rabbi Melinda.     The Shechinah is known […]

Shabbat Nature Walk

Shabbat Nature Walk  This meditative walk will bring you peace and joy in the delight of the sabbath. Join us as we offer love and compassion to ourselves and others at this magnificent paradise right within the city limits of Delray Beach. I will touch upon the esoteric teachings of kabbalah, the tree of life […]

May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath

“May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath”   I pray this message finds you in the light of preparation, celebration, contemplation and divination.  Let us become a nation filled with open hearted joy and peace!  Amen v’ amen!          Rosh Hashanah is akin to the art […]

Blissful Connections through Kabbalah Tantra

Publishers… This is an introduction to the concept for my book. The awakening of hearts through Tantra is very much in trend amongst jewish souls who are yoga practitioners, energy healers, progressive thinkers whose experience with organized religion has left them longing to seek bliss with deeper connection to self and others.  Our readers are […]