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Blissful Connections through Kabbalah Tantra

Publishers… This is an introduction to the concept for my book. The awakening of hearts through Tantra is very much in trend amongst jewish souls who are yoga practitioners, energy healers, progressive thinkers whose experience with organized religion has left them longing to seek bliss with deeper connection to self and others.  Our readers are […]

Creating Healthy Sexual Fantasy

Oftentimes we have these thoughts and visions that are kept dormant in our soul’s yearnings because we connect our thoughts with judgment and attachment to what society considers harmful and shameful.  While many acts of fantasy can be quite harmful to a relationship, it is typically due to the incomplete emotional baggage they have from […]

Nude, naked, au natural, bare, buff, declothed…

Alright let’s get down to it.  SKIN!  What is it about our skin that makes us blush, laugh or judge the way we look? In a few weeks I will be attending a Naturist Festival.  I will be teaching Energy Healing, holding a Shabbat Service and teaching Cosmic Kundalini.  (Click here for events).  I went […]

The Shechinah Sisterhood Gatherings

Would you like to learn divine teachings with a select gathering of woman?  Do you wish to explore the Shechinah, the goddess within?   This self study/goddess empowerment/kabbalistic mystical healing gathering will be run by me, Rabbi Melinda. The Shechinah is known as “the consciousness of divinity” and the Goddess that lives within all women.   […]

A Patriarchal/Matriarchal 2011

What does a woman Rabbi have to do with Tantra? Can I bridge the gap? Will hashem “G-d” bless me with destiny or fate? Should I hang up “the cloth”? Which cloth? OOOOOOOMMMMMMMM, OOOOOOOOOHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH It is a paradox ~~ It is life in the kingdom of G-d. Those of us on the spiritual path […]

Jerusalem International Integrative Medical Conference

It’s official! I’ve been selected as a Highlighted Speaker at the Jerusalem International Integrative Medical Conference on Healing Sexual Energy with Advanced Kundalini October 19-22, 2010.  My mission, the Temple of Tantra and Judaic Studies, has come to fruition.  Everyone is unique. Compare not yourself with anyone else lest you spoil God’s curriculum. Baal Shem […]

Israel and Sexual Healing

I am writing this because I am awaiting word from the Scientific Committee for an integrative medical conference in Jerusalem next month.  The word I am awaiting is this ~ YES or NO to my proposed message to their attendee’s.  Here is the message and do you think Israel is ready for this technology? Healing […]

Becoming a Medium

B”H Becoming a Medium doesn’t always happen the way you think it will.  You may plan to become one OR you may think it’s not possible ~ one thing I know is that if GOD wants you to serve in this way and IF your heart is open to possibility ~ then you may become […]