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A Leap of Faith

I have come to the decision to “lay to rest” my desire to be called “Rabbi Melinda”. By taking this “Leap of Faith”, I am sure Creator will open doors to parnassah and joyous living. It has been liberating as I become the witness to freedom within. Our entire planet is in the midst of […]

My first Wedding

The wedding was to take place on Hollywood Beach, the very same beach I was Ordained at by Rabbi Frank.  The bride and groom were young and had known each other for 6 years.  My inner experience was profound.  I was designated to say a prayer in between the rings ceremony and the glass being […]

My first Midrash

I started writing this post about my daughter’s trip to Israel and midway through I wanted to check the parsha, something I haven’t done since my separation and divorce almost 5 years ago.  I realized I was about to write my first Midrash.  (A Midrash is a way of interpreting biblical stories that goes beyond […]

My 1st Funeral

At 24 he chose not to deal with his “stuff”.  On the outside his family looks normal and happy but on the inside, clearly something was very wrong with this young man.  As a parent of two, my heart poured out for the family.  Raising my children orthodox was my idea, not my spouses.  Actually […]

Coaching ~ Emunah Services

Coaching ~ Emunah Services Emunah ~ building faith to bring you into the truth of who you were, are and want to be. What is a coach? A coach is a listener, sounding board, and awareness-raiser. A coach operates from a posture of humility and mystery, not authority and knowledge. A coach serves as a […]

Holistic Divorce Coaching

Can divorce be spiritual?  Is there such a thing as divorce recovery? Can there truly be healing after a great rift such as divorce? We all know that divorce is challenging and can be extremely painful.  It can take a long time to recover from the damage of divorce. A full array of emotions including […]

Rebirthing ~ Mikvah Services

Rebirthing ~ Mikvah The word “Mikvah”, as used in the Hebrew Bible, literally means a “collection” – generally, a collection of water. This “process” can be done in a synagogues “Mikveh,” in the ocean, in a pool or even in a Jacuzzi. The Mikvah ceremony, most traditionally dunking in the ocean, has been around for […]

Cord Cutting ~Get Services

Cord Cutting ~Get Cord cutting is a ceremony where we energetically cut toxic energy that has been shared with another being.  It is a very powerful process that allows you to remove the ties that bind. Among healers the sharing of energy is referred to as cording. This cord represents life support tubing energetically connecting […]