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A Leap of Faith

I have come to the decision to “lay to rest” my desire to be called “Rabbi Melinda”. By taking this “Leap of Faith”, I am sure Creator will open doors to parnassah and joyous living. It has been liberating as I become the witness to freedom within. Our entire planet is in the midst of […]

Energy Healing ~ Tikkun Olam Services

Energy Healing  ~  Tikkun Olam Energy healing is the most natural form of healing and has been practiced for many centuries.  Energy healing works with the life force of the body and creates flow and vitality.  Rabbi Melinda has studied with numerous healers in many traditions, including yoga, for over 30 years.   Rabbi Melinda provides […]

Healing Ourselves – Healing the World

Healing Ourselves – Healing the World A Holistic Approach to Tikkun Olam In the process of evolution, the Jewish word “tikkun” has come to represent repair. It is now understood that “tikkun” means a return to, or the evolution, toward wholeness. Rabbi Melinda has been doing energy healing for over 20 years on herself and others.  […]