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JOIN US ON WWW.WWNNRADIO.COM 2012 LOVE PRAYER & PREDICTIONS Special Guest, Melinda joins Jill Dahne Jill Dahne, the daughter of renowned psychic, Micki Dahne, a gifted since childhood, is considered one of the Country’s Premier Psychics. With an accuracy rate of nearly 98%, Jill has predicted over 750 marriages, helped save numerous lives and much […]

Shechinah Sisterhood Gatherings

The Shechinah Sisterhood Gathering at my PRIVATE TEMPLE in central Delray Beach. Would you like to learn divine teachings with a select gathering of woman?  Do you wish to explore the Shechinah, the goddess within?   Learn how to access your own empowerment through kabbalistic mystical teachings with Rabbi Melinda.     The Shechinah is known […]

A Leap of Faith

I have come to the decision to “lay to rest” my desire to be called “Rabbi Melinda”. By taking this “Leap of Faith”, I am sure Creator will open doors to parnassah and joyous living. It has been liberating as I become the witness to freedom within. Our entire planet is in the midst of […]

Shabbat Nature Walk

Shabbat Nature Walk  This meditative walk will bring you peace and joy in the delight of the sabbath. Join us as we offer love and compassion to ourselves and others at this magnificent paradise right within the city limits of Delray Beach. I will touch upon the esoteric teachings of kabbalah, the tree of life […]

May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath

“May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath”   I pray this message finds you in the light of preparation, celebration, contemplation and divination.  Let us become a nation filled with open hearted joy and peace!  Amen v’ amen!          Rosh Hashanah is akin to the art […]

Blissful Connections through Kabbalah Tantra

Publishers… This is an introduction to the concept for my book. The awakening of hearts through Tantra is very much in trend amongst jewish souls who are yoga practitioners, energy healers, progressive thinkers whose experience with organized religion has left them longing to seek bliss with deeper connection to self and others.  Our readers are […]

On the road

Being on the road these last few weeks has left me in an amazing new space of vast appreciation for the energies of California. I began my travels in Southern California and am now spending time in Northern California. My journey has taken me to spend time with both my brothers and their children as […]

Creating Healthy Sexual Fantasy

Oftentimes we have these thoughts and visions that are kept dormant in our soul’s yearnings because we connect our thoughts with judgment and attachment to what society considers harmful and shameful.  While many acts of fantasy can be quite harmful to a relationship, it is typically due to the incomplete emotional baggage they have from […]

My First Tahara

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog and much has been going on within my soul that I have wanted to share ~ only now, I am forced to write short notes as I have a fractured wrist. Anyway, years ago when I was Orthodox I knew of this “holy committee” […]

Prayer of the Poor

This week’s Parsha is called “Terumah”.  Terumah means to gift תרומה ‎and G-d instructed Moses to “Speak to the children of Israel, and have them take for Me an offering”.  It goes on to describe in detail how and what is needed to build and adorn the Mishkan (an altar).  The materials are of gold, […]