Daddy’s Little Girl

Tomorrow my father, of blessed memory, would’ve celebrated his 89th birthday, however on his 88th birthday, he opted to let go of the kidney dialysis and let god take him into his heart and ethereal home.  My father passed onto the next world on December 5th, 2015.

When my dad was 87 1/2 he went on kidney dialysis.  I had been visiting from Northern California for a shared mothers/fathers day weekend.  I remember asking my dad if he would stick around until he was 88.  I told him that 8 meant infinity and therefore 88 meant double infinity.  Although he was not into numerology, I think he agreed to stick around until he was 88, because he’d had a good life, a loving wife of 63 years and friends and family who loved and respected him.

When I went back to Northern California, I shared my request/story with a housemate of mine and she opened my heart up to the understanding that my request was a very tall order, for he had been ailing for quite some time.  I tried not to feel guilty and breathed into the inquiry of “what did I need to complete with my father before he left this world for the next”.  I’d thought I said what needed to be said and had many goodbyes when visiting Florida during the last 3.5 years while living in Northern California.   I guess I was wrong because his declining health pushed me to move back to South Florida in 3 months time and spent the last 3 months of dad’s life supporting and comforting him as he learned to let go and let god receive him.  With as much grace as I could muster I learned during those months that all I wanted and needed was to give back, pure and simple.

Being daddy’s little girl was and is….  a blessing.  My request was granted, dad stuck around until he turned 88 and tomorrow we will celebrate his birthday by missing him, remembering him and honoring his life of service to us and countless others in need.

Click here to view a clip video of me speaking at his Funeral.

Daddy’s (not so) little girl is delivering a speech/eulogy at his funeral.

Here’s a photo of our last family Thanksgiving 2015.




Thank you dad, for giving me life…

Love your little girl…


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