Elul – Ani Dodi V Dodi Li

Dearest Friends:

I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  After a full day of Eclipse energies, I hope your emotions are exploring the waves of the moon, sun and stars with sweetness and grace.

The new month of Elul begins at sundown tonight.    Elul,as an acronym (aleph lamed vav lamed) for the verse “Ani Dodi V Dodi Li” which translates to “I am my beloved and my beloved am I”.  It’s a romantic and passionate phrase, which resembles our relationship to God and has parallel meaning to our lovers as marriage partners.   

The month of Elul is a time to look back upon the year and review our actions, make peace with them, forgive and prepare for the new year ahead.  The message of Elul for women is also a time to rejoice in our independence and uniqueness as we merge with lovers and partnerships.  It’s a time to look at commitments and our unhealed boundaries within and around us.

Right now we are being tested with a political very tough time for all of us.  The triggers of hate teach us how important it is to be grounded in our hearts and work towards love and faith in God.  For the greater we serve in love and faith of God, the healing of ourselves and others is achieved with sweetness and grace.  

Elul is a good time to practice softening our hearts.  Any spiritual practice can soften our hearts and this month is a perfect time to hone in on our jewish values, rich with depth of the heart and true treasures of the test of time.  

Through the test of my time here on earth, I was recently interviewed in Voyage Miami, click here to read.  I recently interviewed a unique friend, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, known as The Sky Priestess, click here to listen to what she says about the planets and ourselves. 

Upcoming Events
Movement, Meditation and Music is on 8.24, 6-7:30 PM
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Auspicious Kabbalah Eve of Forgiveness “Selichos” 9.16.17 6PM-7:30 PM
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Shekhina Heartbeats Circle 9.18.17 6:30-8PM
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New Age Books & Things 4405 N. Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, FL $36 per event

Cosmic hugs to all!

In sacred friendship,

Rabbi Melinda Bernstein
(954) 901-1355
I’m on Zoom  https://zoom.us/j/6010994110  

PS…  If you would like a Shekhina Heartbeats Circle to be held in your community, please let me know.



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