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Energy Healing  ~  Tikkun Olam

Energy healing is the most natural form of healing and has been practiced for many centuries.  Energy healing works with the life force of the body and creates flow and vitality.  Rabbi Melinda has studied with numerous healers in many traditions, including yoga, for over 30 years.   Rabbi Melinda provides distance healing for clients in different countries and throughout the United States.

Energy Transmission Sessions help correct energetic imbalances in the bio-energy field by infusing light and energy into the system which clears blockages. Chakras are subtle energy centers in the spine that are very important for the human energy field and energy sessions help to clear the chakras of dull, stagnant energy .  Energy work helps promote balance as well as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.    Long distance sessions are as effective as in person sessions.

Session rates begin at $45

Here is a Video Testamonial


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