Feminine Reminders of Passover

Dear Friends:

I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  Passover is almost here and it is a time rich in a spiritual unfolding from suffering to freedom. 

On Seder night, our homes are cleansed with the spirit of the seder and our souls are filled reminders of perseverance and sacred foods of faith.

Matzah is the main sacred food of faith.  It is flat and symbolizes humility because just as dough rises, our ego rises when we step out of alignment with Gods will.  So a simple teaching is to be humble and we will be closer to God and all that is good can be revealed to our souls.

Miriam the prophetess was given the Well by God and as the hebrews traveled, wells appeared as spiritual oases in the desert, providing sustenance and healing.  So remember to place a cup of water on your Seder table and dedicate it to honor the feminine gifts of women you know and women of your ancestry  The image below shows the blessing of her cup, to be read in complementary to Elijah’s cup.  Source:  The Holistic Haggadah, Ruth Gan Kagan

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As for myself, this year I have the divine privilege to cruise as a Rabbi,and hold a Seder divine for the patrons aboard ship.  I can hear my ancestors beaming their joy over this one!  

Happy Passover everyone!

In friendship and faith,

Rabbi Melinda Bernstein
(954) 901-1355


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