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A decade has gone by and WOW, I’m 60. I inspired by the inspiration I have become to women. My inspiration led me to create a gift to the universe in celebration of my woman cave, I want to share with you my free meditations available on the Feast For The Soul, which began 10 days ago on January 15th, 2018.

My 50’s were filled with serious deep diving into the cave of my sorrow, which brought wisdom and ultimately wholeness. Being sixty is incredibly juicy and liberating. In the past 10 years I explored from a deep place within the cave of my femininity, not only the lineage of that which I came from, but also the incentive to heal the mother wound, my womb and the womb which I now embrace is rocking out on some serious embodied wisdom.

What’s embodied wisdom??? Embodied wisdom is about saying yes to exploring your breath, your body and noticing what needs to change so that a state of self-sourcing is expressed within you and in the world.  Upcoming classes of Embodied Wisdom can be found by clicking here

Oh and one other thing, on my birthday I began using my middle name, Bracha (which means blessings) as my last name.

May we all feel blessed and keep inspiring one another!

Rabbi Melinda Bracha


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