Full Moon Waves

Dear Friends:

As the full moon passed in the sky last night, my heart was focused on life cycles…  the birth of my son 27 years ago September 18th and my soon to be born grand child.

In the 9 months of 2016 I have encountered quandaries around family, health, finances and — my purpose.  My father has been gone from his body 10 months now and as we celebrate this new moon, I recall his words….  “be careful on the full moon because the crazies are out”.  As a policeman for over 30 years on Miami Beach, he had up close and personal connection to the crazies outside.  But what about the crazies within our souls?

I often felt a little crazy myself and found a way to embrace said energy when I moved to and lived in Northern California for 3.5 years.  Crazy became the new normal for me and many others and since I moved back to South Florida just one year ago, my crazy wavy soul has shared with a generous and open heart and my “former” suffering is feeling full with a greater appreciation of my gifts.  I thank my father for the warning, my mother for the fear and for my family beginning to see me (and all my crazy) while cheering me on as I settle back in to South Florida living.

Happy full moon to all!

With Love,