My Ocean Mikvah Healing – Are You Next?

When I first learned about going to the Mikvah, I was in the process of getting married to my (former) spouse.   I learned that the Mikvah was a ritualistic experience of being a gateway to purity, a way to repent and return one to a sacred and holy place to that which is pleasing to God. Having a desire to quit the very drug induced state I had met my spouse on and wanting my spouse to want the same was not the best way to begin in marriage, I know that now.   But God had a plan yet to be revealed and I was living in the question of what it was. Unfortunately my spouse was not turned on and so I only did it once, until after Hurricane Andrew destroyed our home in South Dade and we became religious, at my divine request. Going to the Mikvah was a humbling experience, I felt so beautiful afterwards and deeply wanted that loving marital life. Drugs create discord and a toxic mess was what our lives were.


It wasn’t until I took back my life and went to the ocean mikvah after my divorce that I experienced an renewal, a refreshing lift of heavy burden off my soul that I soared in the liberation of my mind from marital suffering and sexual heaviness.   My first experience of deep healing took place before sunrise, with my nearly blind orthodox friend by my side. We did some QiGong exercises to get the energy moving, I entered the ocean and said my Mikvah prayer, came to the sand, layed down on a white cloth (much like a torah scroll), which he wrapped me in. I meditated until the sun rose, asked him to open the cloth and my jewish healing story took on a new meaning.


The Mikvah experience can be very rewarding and impact a person’s life in so many beautiful ways. This ancient concept adds a deeper dimension to the rituals of life, love and family. It brings an elevated status, a powerful transformation, a metamorphosis that is unparalleled to any spiritual experience.


The ocean represents the energy of a mother and is a very special place to experience a Mikvah ceremony.  If this speaks to you, speak to Melinda and discuss today. 954-901-1355


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