Questions To Ask When Looking For A Wedding Officiant


Choosing an officiant is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process, especially if you’re not affiliation with a religious organization. Here’s a list of questions and suggestions to make it easier for you.

·      Do you have any restrictions on the type of ceremony or requirements to officiate my wedding? (Some ministers or officiants will only do a “traditional” wedding.)

·      Are you available for my wedding date and location of ceremony?

·      What is your fee? Are there any extra fees for mileage, extra ceremonies, attending the rehearsal, etc.?

·      How will you be dressed?

·      How long is the ceremony?

·      Do you attend the rehearsal?

·      Can I have readers besides the officiant?

·      Can we meet with you in person before the ceremony?

·      Do you offer any flexibility within the ceremony format to meet the individual needs of the couple?

·      Are you supportive of interfaith, secular and same-sex marriages (if applicable) and if so is there ceremony format gender neutral?

·      Are there opportunities for friends or family members to participate in the ceremony to add a personal touch?

·      Do you accept credit cards?

·      Do you offer any guidance on how to apply for marriage license including providing assistance and how to expedite the process of obtaining a certified copy of the marriage certificate?

·      Can you provide reviews or videos on their web presence so we can see your work.

·      Do you offer pre-marital counseling?

·      Can you handle a complicated family situation? (if applicable)

·      Can we write our own vows?

·      Can we be creative and have a theme wedding (if applicable)?

·      When I need to reach you, how do I contact you and if I don’t reach you right away then how soon can I expect you to respond?

For more information, I’d love to help you.

Rabbi Melinda Bernstein, Officiant for jewish, inter-faith, non-denominational, spiritual, same sex ceremonies. 954-901-1355

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Below is a sample of a non denominational wedding I performed.


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