In 2004 I was in a wheelchair, the problem was so bad…  What was the problem?  Doctors couldn’t figure it out.  I was told I had fibromyalgia when in my late 20’s, which I refused to believe in. I walked down the path of homeopathy to get to the root of the problem, yoga to open the energy centers of my body and my practice of faith & prayer just was not working. In 2005 I broke the cycle of a 20+ year marriage as an enabler to a “high functioning” cocaine addict and crashed deeper. I felt polluted inside, sicker than sick. With a complete lack energy in my body, my soul traveled to find answers while my wallet emptied and my shame plagued my every cell. S.T.R.E.S.S. was the cause but what was the cure? My adrenals were beyond fatigued and at times I felt so un-deserving that I hid behind my “spiritual toolbox” for it was overflowing with answers I could provide others with. Yet with all the holistic doctors I had been going to, why was I still suffering?

It wasn’t until my father passed away in December 2015 that I would be forced to create solutions and create a plan to recover. Soon after that time, my knees swelled up and my health recovery led me to find a Functional Medicine Doctor in 2016 who would help me understand and address the medical issues that all other healing modalities couldn’t do.  That doctor is now my business partner in helping others heal the “unexplained”.

We are working together to bring awareness to others and VASAYO is a new product about to launch to help bring wealth and health to ourselves and others. Learn more here…