“I am safe in the universe and all life, love supports me”. Louise Hay

Dearest Friends:

Today I was working with a woman who approached me after reading my story of overcoming psychological suffering and physical pain. What she resonated with is that I know to be true for myself and for many, that a full on “spiritual depletion” of the soul could be the beginning of the end of her path of pain.

Spiritual depletion affects those who deny pain and suffering and it gets worse until we look at the root cause of it. I know because I experienced it personally. Spiritual depletion leads and feeds into pain. It is best to describe spiritual depletion as a lack of faith. Coming from a Rabbi, you wouldn’t expect this message but that is one of the how’s and why my Rabbi role took form. Truth be told, after my orthodox lifestyle feel apart, my heart broke open to look at all the ways I buried my negative emotions within the prayer (or rather plea for rescue from God). One huge lesson for myself and for many is that God does not rescue us, God supports us in rescuing ourselves. 

While I unburdened my negative emotions through various spiritual practices and teachings, before becoming a Rabbi, I would share my results with many other women and men who needed healing of spirit too. Once awakened, the kundalini serpent force takes a form all of it’s own and the ego can’t control it.  The pain body lives inside the shadow aspect our ego. It is the emotional part of ourselves that needs to soften, to dissolve in fact. The pain body is fed by pain and it only leaves you when you face the negative emotions that were not accepted and let go of previously. The pain body is an unconscious force of accumulated old pain stuck in your energetic field and it will continue to feed off you until you are ready truly ready to work out the karma and the kinks in your connection to source, to God.

God has everything to do with your pain body because God created the universe, but this is not a lesson in religion. This is a lesson in the opposite of pain, the gift of pleasure.

One of my teachers Louise Hay, passed away today. She was pleasing to thousands of self-searching souls who buried emotional pain. When I first heard this, I was in the middle of writing this article and took a break to “feel into” what needed to be said in closing. Her book “You Can Heal Your Life” was always at the ready for those dark days when I couldn’t make sense of the unfolding within. My favorite quote from the MANY she has gifted self help seekers in healing is “I am safe in the universe and all life, love supports me”.  Baruch Dayan HaEmet:  Infinite goddess wisdom and blessings to Louise Hay, as she graces the heavens with her beautiful spirit.

As you look in the mirror tonight, honor yourself with this:.

“I am safe in the universe and all life, love supports me”. 

IF YOU FEEL CALLED to learn how to embrace your pain lesson and open the gift of pleasure, because when you feel SAFE, you will feel pleasure.

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