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Dearest Friends:

I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  

Beginning April 4th, I began a journey of knowing or rather feeling that there had to be 10 women who would want to know kabbalah wisdom and surely enough in my  7 Weeks of Sacred Attunement Through Mystical Kabbalah  we had a “minyan”, 10 women students.  With the book Ancient Moon Wisdom, by  Ravi Miriam Maron. and her music, we’ve been weaving a teaching with altars, candles, essential oils, crystals dance, guided imagery meditations, circle sharing and caring and such.  Needless to say, I felt like Shechinah was/is blessing this union of souls.

During the class of the 1st of Av, I had a strong message from Shechinah.  First I needed to replace the drum I was using in class with one that I will make myself.  Second I needed to know what drum I would build and how I would build it by the 9th of Av.  Third, I need to name her Shekhina Heartbeat.

Having never built a drum in my life, I was fortunate to have a student in my class who has build many drums and so I was off to a good start.  The drum arrived the day after Tisha B’Av and after a long night of incantations, prayer and ceremony, my dear deer skin is awaiting her throne as I write you.  She will make her debut with my minyan of 10 women on Tu B’Av, the jewish holiday of soul mates.  The drum is the medicine and has been for many different lineages.  ALL the female Rabbi’s I met in Northern California taught with a drum and I am looking forward to teaching with the Shekhina Heartbeat..  

For years I lost myself in out of mind dancing to rid myself of sexual “issues” from what a shaman once described as “mind blowing abuse”.  I danced so wild, I had a labral tear in my right hip prior to my Ordination in 2009, which I had surgery for.  The right hip in Kabbalah teachings corresponds to the sephirot of Netzach.  The spiritual state of Netzach in Chassidut is that of bitachon, AKA confidence.  Netzach is associated with the souls power turn obstacles into miracles.  

Since my Ordination, I have morphed the dance internally and externally.  Connecting to confidence through the heartbeat of a graceful Shekhina, one who moves my body and soul.  God/dess bless!    

This leads me to the class I am teaching.  It sought more of a heartbeat that connects people to Shekhina and I was sparked to the very beautiful teachings of Miki Raver.  Miki is the author of Listen to her Voice , and She Is Wisdom, A Celebration of the Feminine Divine as well as divinely inspired creator of Shekhina Circle.  When I attended Miki’s Shekhina Circle while living in Marin County, Northern California, she always honored her teacher Jalaja Bonheim of the Institute for Circlework, and so it is written.  And so I have received their blessings to continue teaching the Shekhina Circle.

Miki’s words to me:  “May you be blessed and all whom you touch with your powerful spiritual energy. You are are channel for Shekhina who radiates through your beauty on every level. Thank you!”

And I’ve been using this blessing in my hope for continued strength to teach as I am designed to.  My desire for honoring my role as “Rabbi” is leading me to further enhance what it means to be a “Rabbi” and my intention will be met.  That means I will be studying more, sharing more and the heartbeat of Shekhina will morph beyond the moon and the sun.

The future of Shekhina Heartbeat is designed to reignite, to renew jewish visioning and to heal, of course….  The drum is the beat of her soul.  Hebrew is the language of the divine.  Kabbalah is the vehicle and we are all the chariot.

To be included in our monthly Shekhina Circles, please let me know.  Next dates are 8/21 and 9/18 6:30-8:30PM and space is VERY LIMITED so RSVP is required.

In sacred friendship,

Rabbi Melinda Bernstein
(954) 901-1355

PS: Our Minyan…  held at Julia Caira’s lovely Healing Essence




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