Staying In Grace

Staying In Grace

Dear Friends:

I hope this message finds you in good grace, health and spirits.  I am feeling grateful today as I returned to the Yoga School where I was certified over 10 years ago in Kundalini Yoga.  As I walked into the room the sweet smell of Yoga Tea permeated my nostrils, lungs and soul.  The sounds of Snatham Kaur song “By The Grace” generated an instant wave of tears washing down my cheeks.  With the memories of becoming a teacher, sitting inside the suffering of my previous inner awakenings, I practiced.  I practiced with gratitude and hopes to be more pleasing to God for not very long ago I couldn’t go to a yoga class.  To know and recognize that the body has a lifespan, I/we must take care of our bodies because the day we expire could be tomorrow.

You see a few days ago I led a Funeral at the Veterans Cemetery.  The deceased was fortunate to have a peaceful passing.  The family had embraced the death of a loved one with sincerity and acceptance.  The mourning tears were gentle and simply few.

If you believe that God has greater plans for you in the face of your suffering, then grace must reveal itself to you somehow.  Therefore….

I am humbled to announce my new website is up and running and as my mission expands, I am honored to grace others in their deepest moments of questioning faith, embracing marriage, mourning loved ones , welcoming new babies, premarital counseling , grief counseling.  Please click on the links should you desire to call upon me and share if you care to.

With so much to distract us in this fast paced world, we must find time for our spiritual practices.  I feel that life is meant to be a blessing and I feel your presence.  Therefore, I shall close with a simple thought.  May we all be a blessing unto each other because….

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.“Author Unknown.

Staying In Grace,
Rabbi Melinda Bernstein
(954) 901-1355

Stay flexible!


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