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Your Sacred Cave

Attention Women:  Who has traveled through your sacred cave?  Each day women sacrifice their soul, unconsciously, due to lack of clarity, purity and confidence! I’ve heard your prayers and finally created space to support you with my latest form of the 7 step Roadmap, forever to be known as PRAYERGASM. Are you in the midst of […]

May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath

“May your New Year be inscribed with happy holiness and the sacred breath”   I pray this message finds you in the light of preparation, celebration, contemplation and divination.  Let us become a nation filled with open hearted joy and peace!  Amen v’ amen!          Rosh Hashanah is akin to the art […]

Creating Healthy Sexual Fantasy

Oftentimes we have these thoughts and visions that are kept dormant in our soul’s yearnings because we connect our thoughts with judgment and attachment to what society considers harmful and shameful.  While many acts of fantasy can be quite harmful to a relationship, it is typically due to the incomplete emotional baggage they have from […]

Sacred Sexuality / Tantra Playshop

WHO:       ALL singles and/or couples looking to explore the cosmic Kundalini breath, expand their ability to love, learn about sacred space and vibrate into higher frequencies WHAT: a combination of yoga, non-verbal communication, dance & meditation     WHERE:   Simply Yoga  2275 South Federal Hwy. #150, Delray Beach, FL When: May 22, 2011  4-6PM.  Pre-register:  […]

Nature Walk & Healing Talk

Join me for NEW MOON, ROSH CODESH IYAR Shabbat Nature Walk and Healing Talks! May 7th, 2011 4:30-5:30pm Holistic Healing plays an integral role in our lives, especially if we are seeking new lives and better health. Utilizing Judaism and mystical energies of the planet, you will feel energized by nature as you learn tools […]

The Shechinah Sisterhood Gatherings

The Shechinah Sisterhood Gatherings Would you like to learn divine teachings with a select gathering of woman?  Do you wish to explore the Shechinah, the goddess within?   This self study/goddess empowerment/kabbalistic mystical healing gathering will be run by me, Rabbi Melinda.   ·         The Shechinah is known as “the consciousness of divinity” and the […]

Prayer of the Poor

This week’s Parsha is called “Terumah”.  Terumah means to gift תרומה ‎and G-d instructed Moses to “Speak to the children of Israel, and have them take for Me an offering”.  It goes on to describe in detail how and what is needed to build and adorn the Mishkan (an altar).  The materials are of gold, […]