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My Ocean Mikvah Healing – Are You Next?

When I first learned about going to the Mikvah, I was in the process of getting married to my (former) spouse.   I learned that the Mikvah was a ritualistic experience of being a gateway to purity, a way to repent and return one to a sacred and holy place to that which is pleasing to […]

Shechinah Sisterhood

Would you like to learn divine teachings with a select gathering of woman? Do you wish to explore the Shechinah, the goddess within? Learn how to access your own empowerment through kabbalistic mystical teachings with Rabbi Melinda. · The Shechinah is known as “the consciousness of divinity” and the Goddess that lives within all women. […]

Creating Healthy Sexual Fantasy

Oftentimes we have these thoughts and visions that are kept dormant in our soul’s yearnings because we connect our thoughts with judgment and attachment to what society considers harmful and shameful.  While many acts of fantasy can be quite harmful to a relationship, it is typically due to the incomplete emotional baggage they have from […]

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Introduction

Join us as we learn about this deeply enriching path, for enlightenment and for sacred living.  Our sacredness is our soul energy while our sexuality refers to our body’s energy.  By merging the two together, we also blend our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves.  Sacred Sexuality and Tantra brings our experiences in life to […]

Tantra Webinar

TANTRA WEBINAR For sincere students who wish to explore and bring a cosmic experience into their everyday life by learning tantra, Taoist teachings & Kundalini secrets Tantric yoga and breathing Organically raise your sexual energy Embody the Shechinah Create erotic sensual strength Rituals, Meditations and Mantras When:  Sunday ~ January 16, 2011  3-4PM (online) According […]